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Mrs. Buckley

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Biology 1 Scientific Method & Graphing

Biology 1 Scientific Method and Graphing 

Binder check this week!  We went over it in class, but if you want to double check it, click on the link below for the grade rubric!

Binder Check grade rubric


Lab Report Resources

Creating the Perfect Lab Report Template

Termite Lab (handout from Thursday to introduce the lab

Termite Lab Report Checklist (Follow this to write your lab)


"I can" Statements (what you should be able to do at the end of the time)

  1. Identify the independent variable, dependent variable, control group, experimental group, and controlled variables (name 3 specific variables).
  2. Create a hypothesis.
  3. Create a data table and be able to graph the data.  
  4. Determine the relationship between the data based on the graph.  
  5. Use evidence to disprove or prove a hypothesis 
  6. Identify variables (can name 2) that may have caused scientific error.



Date                        Activity                                                                    Homework or suggested work

W 8-19                     Class Expectations                                                    Pre-test tomorrow:  binder in class by next Monday (it is a grade)

Th 8-20                    Pre-Test                                                                    Reading Assignment using various internet sources-due Tuesday

F 8-21                      Lab Activity/Scientific Method                                    Reading Assignment using various internet sources-due Tuesday

M 8-24                    Scientific Inquiry Sheet

T 8-25                   Discuss Reading about scientific method            

                            Begin Observation and Problem

W 8-26                   Hypothesis work                                        

Th 8-27                   practice problem/hypothesis work    

F 8-28                    procedure writing                                                            cockroach wkst

M 8-31                     procedure writing/data table construction

T 9-1                    data tables and in class sci method wkst

W 9-2                    Paper Airplane Lab                                                        Finish data table and procedure

Th 9-3                     Paper Airplane Lab                                                         Sci Method Quiz on Thursday 9-10      

F 9-4                        Paper Airplane Lab                                                        Sci Method Quiz on Thursday 9-10 

M 9-7                        NO SCHOOL

T 9-8                        Conclusion Writing                                                          Read Section 1-3; take own notes (Focus:  What does it mean to be living)

W 9-9                     Conclusion Writing                                                            Sci Method Quiz tomorrow/Binder Check

Th 9-10                    Conclusion writing

F 9-11                    Quiz                                                                               

M 9-14                    graphing                                                                            finish graph

T 9-15                    graphing                                                                             finish graphing

W 9-16                    graphing                

Th 9-17                   Termite Lab                                                                        finish procedure and data table

F 9-18                     Termite Lab                                                                        Finish graph for lab/fix procedure/fix data table/look over lab report sheet

M 9-21                     Lab Report Discussion                                                        Finish Lab I. through IV.

                                 TIme to work on lab  

T 9-22                        Conclusion Writing                                                         LAB DUE FRIDAY 9-25      

Reading Assignment Links and Resources

Article     http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_scientific_method.shtml#overviewofthescientificmethod

Article 2    http://www.utexas.edu/courses/bio301d/Topics/Nonscientists/Text.html

Article 3    http://www.wired.com/gaming/gamingreviews/commentary/games/2008/09/gamesfrontiers_0908

Video 1    http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/science/scientific-inquiry/scientific-methods.htm

Websites for Scientific Method Review

The Scientific Method: Steps, Terms and Examples


Book pages 8-10

Variable information   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzfDvfoBv_g

Scientific Method tutorial


Quizzes for IV and DV


Great Scientific Method Tutorial




Helpful Handouts



Extra Practice

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