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Tri-Point CUSD 6J

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5_10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment.doc

5_20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited.doc

5_30 Hiring Process and Criteria.doc

5_35 Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.doc

5_40 Communicable and Chronic Infectious Diseases.doc

5_50 Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Tobacco Prohibition.doc

5_60 Expenses.doc

5_70 Religious Holidays.doc

5_80 Court Duty.doc

5_90 Abused and Neglected Child Reporting.doc

5_100 Staff Development Program.doc

5_110 Recognition for Service.doc

5_120 Ethics and Conduct.doc

5_125 Personal Technology and Social Media Usage and Content.doc

5_130 Responsibilities Concerning Internal Information.doc

5_140 Solicitations by or from Staff.doc

5_150 Personnel Records.doc

5_170 Copyright.doc

5_180 Temporary Illness or Temporary Incapacity.doc

5_185 Family and Medical Leave.doc

5_190 Teacher Qualifications.doc

5_200 Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal.doc

5_210 Resignations.doc

5_220 Substitute Teachers.doc

5_230 Maintaining Student Discipline.doc

5_240 Suspension.doc

5_250 Leaves of Absence.doc

5_260 Student Teachers.doc

5_270 Employment At Will, Compensation, and Assignment.doc

5_280 Duties and Qualifications.doc

5_285 Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers.doc

5_300 Schedules and Employment Year.doc

5_310 Compensatory Time-Off.doc

5_320 Evaluation.doc

5_330 Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves.doc