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Mrs. Porth

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science newsela class codes

August 23, 2017

  Science Newsela class codes 8th grade WYGEUN ​ 7th grade JC3D47 ​ 6th grade VG5A4T read more

8th grade astronomy sources

February 9, 2017

8th Grade Astronomy Sources: www.nasa.gov www.skyandtelescope.com www.kidsastronomy.com www.space.com   read more

Check out what we are Learning....

8th graders learn about bullying in Health Class

by Katie Porth | October 27, 2011

In our 8th grade health class, we are learning about bullying.  Miss Sharer has provided several different things for us to learn about bullying.  We even watched a movie about a real life situation.  We started this chapter . . . read more

8th Grade Happenings

Here's what's going on...

by Katie Porth | October 26, 2011

In our P.E class, the 6th-8th grade classes are doing step aerobics with Miss.Sharer. We just started today and we learned the basic moves like, step-up and over,and step-up knee. Miss Sharer borrowed some equipment from another school and it . . . read more

The Struggles in School

A student & an Athlete

by Katie Porth & Alysia D | October 5, 2011

During the school year there are many things to learn how to balance while being a student and a sports player.  Here is a list of a few things you can do to help balance these things.   1.  if you are really committed . . . read more

A Small Little Thing That has an ENORMOUS Job... a CELL!

7th Grade Cell Projects

by Katie Porth & Derek R. | September 29, 2011

Mrs. Porth's 7th Grade Science Class this past and upcoming week are learning about animal and plant cells.  To help the students learn, they labeled diagrams and did work sheets.  They also did a comparison of cells and a city. . . . read more

Gazing at the Moon in all its Phases!

8th Grade Science

by Katie Porth & Job D. | September 29, 2011

Toward the end of September, Mrs. Porth's 8th Grade Science classes have been studying the phases of the moon.  We drew the phases of the moon in our notebooks and highlighted with a neon yellow high lighter the parts of the moon that . . . read more

Testing, Testing, & Testing

ITBS Testing in the JH 9/26, 9/27, & 9/28

by Katie Porth & Job D. | September 29, 2011

This last week of September (the 26th-28th) the JH has been taking tests called the ITBS tests.  In Mrs. Porth's class we have tested on actual science questions and we have taken a few tests that were on some random educational . . . read more

Behind the Scenes...

We are all Geared up...

by Katie Porth & Kassidi | March 18, 2011

The Behind the Scenes with the Math & Science Olympics...  Mrs. Porth, Mrs. Mogged, & Mr. Saffer have spent a lot of hours preparing the materials for practicing and for the big day.  We got to try each event once and my . . . read more

4th Annual JH Math & Science Olympics

The Excitement Is Building...

by Katie Porth | March 4, 2011

Tri-Point JH's 4th Annual Math & Science Olympics The Tri-Point 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will be participating in their 4th Annual Math & Science Olympics on Friday, March 18, 2011.  Teachers, Mrs. Katie Porth (JH . . . read more

8th Grade Studies the Stars!

What Makes a Star a Star???

by Katie Porth & Palvee | February 18, 2011

The 8th grade Science classes are studying the composition of stars. The class studied this in February.  They are studying this to understand the stars and what they are made of.  Some of the things they are studying are the size, . . . read more

Weather, Weather, Weather!!!

6th grade studies weather

by Katie Porth & Kassidi | February 10, 2011

The 6th grade junior high science class has been studying storms during the months of January and February.  We have been studying storms because we are looking at all the factors that affect weather.  It was cool how we were . . . read more

7th Grade Studies Gregor Mendel

Genes and more...

by Katie Porth & Job | January 12, 2011

In December and January Mrs. Porth's 7th grade science classes have been learning about Gregor Mendel.  He was a monk who lived in monastery in Europe in the 19th century.  Gregor Mendel is know as the "Father of Genetics" because . . . read more

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