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Tri-Point CUSD 6J

Upper Elem/Jr. High


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7th Grade Studies Gregor Mendel

Genes and more...

In December and January Mrs. Porth's 7th grade science classes have been learning about Gregor Mendel.  He was a monk who lived in monastery in Europe in the 19th century.  Gregor Mendel is know as the "Father of Genetics" because he was always thinking and wondering about why things looked the way they do and so he found out the answers.  He died before his work was famous.  Some other monks found his work and turned it in so everyone knew how genes work.  Gregor Mendel mostly worked with pea plants to see how you could make plants big or small.  We made "paper pets" and crossed them with other "paper pets" to see what their offspring/babies would look like to understand Mendel's experiments better.  This is what the 7th grade science class has been learning about so I hope you learned a lot too.


Written by Job & Mrs. Porth