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Tri-Point CUSD 6J

Upper Elem/Jr. High


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Gazing at the Moon in all its Phases!

8th Grade Science

Toward the end of September, Mrs. Porth's 8th Grade Science classes have been studying the phases of the moon.  We drew the phases of the moon in our notebooks and highlighted with a neon yellow high lighter the parts of the moon that we see from Earth.  We started learning about a new moon first which is when we can't see the moon at all from Earth.  Then we studied that the next phase it goes into which is called a waxing crescent moon which we only see a little sliver of the moon.  Then, there is a first quarter moon which we see half of the right side.  After a first quarter moon it is called a waxing gibbous moon.  Finally, after that phase we see a full moon which means we can see a fully lit circle.  After that, it phases back down to seeing nothing again which is the new moon phase.  This is a skill that we will be used for a lifetime.  So, this is what we have been having a blast learning about in Mrs. Porth's awesome science class.  


Written by: JOB D. & MRS. PORTH

Typed by: MRS. PORTH