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Tri-Point CUSD 6J

High School


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High School E-Learning



  • Google Classroom is where ALL assignments will be posted with the following information included:
    • Assignments should take about 60-75 minutes to complete--but students have flexibility in when/how to complete them...all at once or in chunks of time...in the morning or at night, etc. 
    • set OFFICE hours--approximately 2 hours a day / 4 hours for an A-B rotation--using whatever mechanism you use..e.g. texting, email, discussion board, etc.
    • Assignments due at the beginning of the next class period--if we miss an A-Day, it's due the next A-Day; if we miss a B-Day, it's due the beginning of the next B-Day meeting
    • rubric of what "completed" means for the assignment--be very clear/specific e.g. one sentence does not equal completion
  • Lab Access / Study Table will be offered the day upon return for students who need computer access or additional help.  
    • Morning in Mrs. Steidinger's Room / Afterschool in Computer Lab
    • Students will also have a chance to print off assignments to finish at home if needed;
    • Students must make arrangments with their teachers if they are having trouble with technology or completing assignment due to lack of internet access.  
  • Attendance will be counted based on assignment completion (as outlined on the rubric) due date on the 2nd school day after return
    • e.g. Monday, an A-Day,  becomes an emergency eLearning Day.  School is back in session on Tuesday, a B-Day--lab will be open in the morning and study table will be held after school.  All work is due by the beginning of the next A-Day.  
    • If work is completed and turned in--via the Google Classroom--the student will be counted present.  
    •  Attendance will be counted toward Semester totals--if work is not completed and thus student is Absent, this counts against semester totals; if work is completed according to the rubric and turned in on time, the student is counted as Present.
  • Guiding Principles:
    • not the time for new concepts;
    • review or extension of previous learning/concepts;
    • use tech tools that students are familiar with;
    • expect to feel a little uncertain--but we're all in this together...learning is messy!