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Ms. Parsons

Art & Digital Information



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Charlene Bokesch-Parsons              
Art & Digital Media Teacher

Photograph of Ms. Parsons artwork.




Photograph of student-generated light graffiti.

Photograph of student-generated digital art.

Photograph of student-generated sculpture (Bird Made Of Spoons).



  • Art 1
  • Art 2
  • Art 3
  • History of Film
  • Entrepreneurship in Photography
  • Digital Media 
  • Digital Graphics
  • Art Appreciation (Dual Credit)
  • Introduction to the Humanities (Dual Credit)


  • Apply skill-sets with an array of traditional and digital media.
  • Demonstrate how creative means reflect the values of individuals, businesses, communities, and cultures.
  • Prepare students for the opportunities that the arts and digital media provide in expressive, technical, and occupational realms.


  • Define objectives and due dates via:  Art Room White Board; Google Classroom; and TeacherEase.
  • Demonstrate responsibility by showing up to each class prepared with completed homework and requested supplies, inclusive of (but not limited to):  Laptop (charged); Sketchbook and/or Notebook; and a Writing or Drawing tool.
  • Employ respect for each other, course content, equipment, property, and school policies.
  • Create a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment that focuses on:  Creativity, Responsibility, and Teamwork.


  • Always utilize safe practices online.                                                                                               
  • Personal Information: Do not give it out.
  • Screen Names:  Do not include any personal information.
  • Passwords:  Do not share.
  • Webcam:  Remember to be aware of your webcam and its status.
  • Cashe and Cookies:  Clear your cashe and cookies frequently.

Online Office Hours:  10:00-3:00 TW & 10:00-4:00  RF

Email: Charlene Parsons

Tri-Point High School

Cullom, IL